Baravalle Vini

Enologic program

Thanks to the collaboration of technicists and enologists with qualified studies (certificate UNI EN ISO 9002), we give to the farm a special attention to the agronomical techniques (the choice of system’s density, of manuring, of pruning, of soil’s management, of antiparasitary treatments) and to the techniques of wine-making and ageing of wine.

In order to reduce the number of treatments and their intensity, the farm has agreed to the program of the law CEE 2078/92 and after to the one of the subsequent law CEE 1257/99.
These laws bind the farm to manage the defence against phytopathologies, against manuring plans, limiting the number of interventions per year, and using natural or synthesis products with low toxicity and minimum environmental impact.

The vineyards, on a hilly ground, at an altitude between 200 and 500 meters, have a density of about 4000 plants per hectare.
The breeding is espalier with a short Gujot pruning (8 – 10 buds per stump). Interrow is maintained grassy to avoid the erosion of the soil, to prevent the solidification, to better the structure, to increase the complexity of agriculture-system.
When grapes is completely ripe, is handle harvested, exclusively in cases and softly pressed within 4 hours from its vintage.
The obtained musts, fermented to a controlled temperature, are than filtered and aged with different techniques, but very good for each kind of wine, techniques
which are explained in the single cards of wine’s presentation.